BabylonOnline integrates additional research tools and services for researchers, such as working with repositories, organizing teams, setting up your own bibliographies and vocabularies as well as a discussions tool with colleagues.

With the underlying project coming to an end in 2021 the development of tools and services is paused for the time being. The platform is open for further development and allows the incorporation of tailored features for future research projects.

Applications are external services which make use of the BabylonOnline ecosystem. They may consume the BabylonOnline API and make use of authorization- and authentication-services, login-data, bibliographies, vocabularies, zensus, repositories, team-data, discussions. Applications data may be discovered through BabylonOnline Search.

Babylon Inventories

Created on November 14th, 2016.
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Explore the artifacts derived from the German Koldewey-excavation (1899-1917). This compilation mirrors the...

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